Tuning and diagnostic solutions

RevMap Performance provides innovative software solutions that assist European car enthusiasts in resolving their issues effectively


Bespoke services for your projects

Engine tuning

We provide a comprehensive range of tuning services including remapping, OTS tunes, software and hardware solutions customized to your specific requirements.

  • Remote flashing
  • Increased performance
  • Exclusive solutions
  • Follow-up support

Diagnostic, reverse-engineering

We are committed to harnessing our technical expertise to meet your specific requirements. We conduct in-depth technical research and reverse engineering to deliver innovative solutions that address your complex needs with precision.

  • Solutions for engine swap
  • Customs projects
  • Special features
  • Electrical troubleshooting


Frequently asked questions

How do I get my ECU serviced?
Depending on the service you are seeking, you might be offered 2 options : Ship-in option: you place the order, we send a confirmation with the shipping instructions. We send back the ECU to your desired address. Remote option: you place the order, we schedule an appointment for a remote flashing session.
Where are you located?
We operate in Quebec, Canada. We offer diagnostic and tuning services throughout Quebec and travel to our client’s locations for their convenience.
What is Remote Flashing?
Remote flashing is a process where you use your own laptop to upload your tuned calibration file into your ECU through the OBD2 diagnostic port.
Do I need specialized equipment for Remote Flashing?
Specialized equipment is not a requirement, however, access to a communication cable will be necessary, which can be provided.
If I’m already tuned, can I use your services?
Yes, however, our support services will only cover the solution we have provided. In the event that additional efforts are required to make our solution compatible with your customized file, extra fees may apply.

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